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Student welfare

Student welfare programs deal with three possible issues.

  1. Child abuse

  2. Child neglect

  3. The inability of a primary care-giver to cope

It is important to address student welfare because of its impact on a student's ability to learn.

In many countries, it is mandated for Principals to report matters of abuse or neglect to designated authorities. For international schools, in countries where this is not mandated, such cases are often referred to the relevant embassy.

Students with mental health issues require urgent, professional intervention in consultation with either the student's family or significant adults. The following link leads to a free publication to help raise awareness of possible mental health issues in a school.

Welfare support group

Working with student welfare requires a team approach, engaging high level expertise. The team usually consists of:

  1. The Principal

  2. A child & adolescent psychologist

  3. A medical professional

  4. A social worker

The team meets monthly to receive referrals, share data, decide strategies, implement an action plan and track progress. This link provides an agenda example.

If a team cannot be formed, professional referral points are identified and the issues passed on.

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