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Welcome to my site

This website aspires to provide most of what school leaders needs to lead a successful school. It is all about ensuring that provisions for student learning are of the highest quality and that teacher efficacy and high morale for all pervade life at school.

School leaders inspire people to articulate, examine and refine their practice in the light of an agreed understanding of what the most appropriate practice is for their context. They support this growth by actively and visibly leading the growth process, providing the team structures, resources, professional interactions and words of encouragement that are necessary for happy transitions.

This website leads users through all of these facets of school leadership and more, including management practices, approaches to learning and teaching, and organising and managing student groups.

Perhaps most exciting of all, the website has a section on 'Future-ready schools', an exploration of how the learning needs of today's students may be best met. It offers a new curriculum, new approaches to learning and teaching, and a brief examination of entrepreneurship, sustainable futures and digital citizenship.

The 'Documents' section is a collection of all the documents referred to in the website and each has a link so that you can download it at no cost.

Happy browsing!

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