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Sustainable futures

"We are living in a time of ecological crisis. Rather than searching for solutions solely in the realm of the physical and biological sciences, the social sciences are particularly relevant because

  • environmental problems are often caused by human activity,

  • we are one of the species that is affected,

  • we are the only species that can take effective action"

Halford, (1990); Bragg, E. A. (1995)

Sustainability is addressed in the 'Caring' row of the curriculum framework. Follow the link to access the framework.

Education for sustainability is underpinned by seven concepts and principles.

  1. Interdependence

  2. Resource management

  3. Diversity

  4. Natural environment

  5. Cultural environment

  6. Values and lifestyle choices

  7. Social participation

The below link leads to a description of each in more detail.

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