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Incident response

A review of each incident helps to minimise harm or damage if such an incident re-occurs or if there is a similar incident.

A risk analysis helps to identify possible incidents and prepares the school’s responses should they ever occur. To test and refine the effectiveness and efficiency of responses, they need to be well communicated and practised .

The following link lead to an example of an emergency response plan for major incidents.

Incidents to prepare for include:

Those to which a small number of adults respond, such as

  • injuries

  • medical emergencies

  • an assault

Those to which the whole school responds, such as

  • external traffic accidents or chemical spills

  • external threats, such as siege or insurgency

  • internal threats, such as a bomb threat or armed intruder;

  • natural disasters, such as fire, earthquake or typhoon

  • a death on campus.

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