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Resources & budgets

Although resources and budgets are inextricably linked, it is important to identify and cost resource needs before applying budgetary constraints.


Resources are first identified by need, resulting in a 'wish-list'. After costing the 'wish-list', any global budgetary constraints are applied and this is done by prioritising the needs of those most pressing and affordable at the time.


To prioritise one program's needs over another, draft budgets are published, and program leaders present and justify their needs to a meeting of employees. Each budget is negotiated until the limit of the global financial allocation is met.

The opposite link leads to an example of a budget for a large elementary or primary school.

Budget guidelines

The link below leads to a booklet detailing the budget process, resource determination and resource procurement for a fictional precinct of eight mini-schools. It covers how

  • funds are allocated

  • resources are determined and costed

  • expenditure is tracked


It also has appendices, which provide

  • a chart of accounts

  • considerations to make when determining needs

  • procedures for ordering resources

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