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The Principal's Role

The Principal's role is threefold
  1. As an architect of culture, to engage and empower people in the quest for high effect and development, with a focus on learning and being a lead learner.

  2. As a CEO, to meet the specified targets and expectations of the governing body of the school.

  3. As a manager, to establish, monitor and review the programs that are necessary to operate a highly functioning school.

Good leader attributes
Effective behaviours

Institutional excellence has five, equally important aspects.

  1. An obvious mission & vision, developed and distilled through expertise, consultation and stakeholder engagement

  2. A culture of high effect and development

  3. A focus on student and adult learning, driven by evidence-based improvement goals, including respected research

  4. The management of operational programs aligned with the mission & vision

  5. A quality assurance approach to continuous improvement

The following link leads to a grid of Principal behaviours that supports the five aspects.

Intervention & support

The principal is responsible for the quality assurance of all aspects of the school's operation. To ensure quality, systematic intervention and support is necessary.

This is best achieved by guiding, facilitating, monitoring and coaching the progress of teams and individuals towards achieving their improvement goals.

The following link leads to a quality assurance framework.

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