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Forming a selection panel

Different people have different perspectives when judging the suitability of an applicant and it is wise to use a team approach to optimise the right decision.

A panel of at least three people is recommended; the Principal, a relevant parent/caregiver, and an experienced employee working in a similar position.

A selection panel meets at least six times, once for each of these tasks:

  1. communicate a confidentiality statement and create, modify or clarify selection criteria

  2. receive, note and copy all applications, declare and note any existing knowledge of applicants by panel members

  3. shortlist applicants for interview

  4. check qualifications, police records and professional references

  5. interview shortlisted applicants

  6. prioritise interviewed applicants and recommend to the school’s governing body an applicant for appointment.

The choice of relevant parent or caregiver depends on the type of vacancy. If the position was that of Finance Manager, a person with professional experience in that field may be suitable. If that of a Year 6 classroom teacher, a parent of an elementary senior student may be a good choice.

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