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Mission, purpose & vision

Mission guidelines

A school's mission is focused on the substantive core business of the school; providing a quality education to students. When creating a shared mission, consider the what, how, when and who of learning and teaching.

  1. What will students, teachers and parents learn?

  2. How will students, teachers and parents learn?

  3. How will teachers teach?

  4. When will students learn?

  5. When will teachers and parents learn?

  6. Who will be accepted as students?

  7. Who will be accepted as teachers?

The importance of integrity

For the school mission and vision to have integrity, there should be a logical flow connecting each to the other. Such integrity ensures the purpose of mission and vision, underpinning all that happens in the school, and ensures that they are actually useful in practical ways.

The graphic represents an example of how vision flows from mission and how an improvement goal logically arises from vision to improve student learning.

Vision guidelines

The basis of a school's vision is to improve student learning by increasing teacher efficacy and improving resource allocation and quality. While remaining true to the values of the mission, the vision focuses on a small number of agreed goals, which are usually short-term and substantiated by performance data.

Performance data can be collated from four sources. as explained via the following link.

Mission_vision flow.jpg
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