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About the author

I created this website to support new or aspiring school leaders, and those in countries where support is difficult to access.

My 32 years of experience as a head of schools, Principal, project manager, trainer, coach and consultant in seven different countries has provided many opportunities to try, fail, adapt, adjust, refine and succeed. Over that time, I have gathered quite a collection of approaches, policies, systems and procedures that have proved to work and it makes sense to pass them on.

My hope is that these tools will empower school leaders to more quickly create, trial, adapt and share innovations that better serve the needs of today's students. With that in mind, I have created the 'Future-ready schools' tab to get the ball rolling. Please build and improve on this nascent model, make it work and share, share, share. Thank you, Greg Flattley.

'A Practical Manual for Principals'

To download a free .pdf version of my book, 'A Practical Manual for Principals', please follow the link below. I can be contacted at

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