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Improving teaching

The work of professors John Hattie, Michael Fullan and Viviane Robinson strongly shows that, to optimally improve student learning, principals must be visibly participating leaders of teacher learning. In particular, professor Viviane Robinson devised a highly practical model to help guide school leaders with improving teaching.

To understand more about her model, select the link below.

Teacher appraisal

When designing and implementing a teacher appraisal program, the following needs to be taken into consideration.

  • approaches to teaching are not 'one size fits all'

  • teachers have different levels of qualification and experience

  • students of different developmental stages have different educational needs

This indicates that an appraisal program needs to be largely in the control of each teacher and an example of a teacher-led, participative approach can be accessed via the following link.

Professional learning communities

A professional learning community (PLC) assumes responsibility for improving aspects of teaching identified as being relevant to its need. To understand more, select the following link.

The professional development program

Although most professional development needs will arise from the appraisal program, the school improvement process or PLC's, there will also be times of unplanned opportunity at either a school-wide or individual level. To access a program for globally managing professional development, select the following link.

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