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Personal fitness

Without personal care, a school leader risks failing themselves, their family and their school. One of the greatest risks is that of work consuming life. Being a school leader is a job, not a life. Preserving physical, mental, social and spiritual fitness is essential to best performance.

Good leaders work at fitness and dedicate time to develop and maintain it. For example, 4.00 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays for physical fitness, Saturday evenings for social occasions, dedicated times for family, and early mornings for meditation or personal reflection. Diet also plays an important role and the golden rule is balance and moderation in all things.

The pursuit of happiness involves a deep consideration of personal values and assessing how they align with the predominant values of the workplace culture. This indicates a need to form agreements about the cultural expectations or standards and crafting policies and procedures to reflect those agreements.


Image courtesy of Liz & Mollie

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