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Families and the community

The role of family and community

Schools do not operate in isolation from their community and, for students to understand the relevance of education, they need to see the relationship between school, their family and the community.

The engagement of family and community in school programs adds value through a better student understanding of employment, community service and working with functional adults.

As students enrol in a school, it is a good idea to give the family a copy of the school's Code of Conduct. To introduce this concept to the community, publish a series of articles in the school newsletter, explaining what each aspect means. The links below lead to examples.

The school as a community hub

Schools are maturing from crafting knowledgeable citizens to crafting learning citizens, those who are empowered to contribute positively to and lead the betterment of society.

This role, it seems, is increasingly defined by three concepts;

  1. the school as a community hub

  2. the school as a service provider

  3. the school as a precinct or village.

The following links lead to an exploration of each of these concepts as well as the community as a learning resource (place-based education).

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