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Assessing behaviours

When admitting students with identified disabilities, a school needs to decide how well it can service their needs. When doing so, it is more useful to consider the impact of behaviours than student labels, such as autistic.

An individual education plan (IEP) is used to gain a profile of each SLN student, guide behaviour assessment, and plan intervention strategies.

The following links lead to a taxonomy, to assist with placement decisions, and examples of IEP's for primary/elementary and secondary/high school students.

Program support group (PSG)

The use of this group is the most effective way of addressing special learning needs.

The Principal leads a small team, usually consisting of a parent, designated teacher and relevant professionals, such as psychologists or speech & language therapists.

The team meets regularly to consider evidence from observations and formal assessments. This informs how to continue addressing the needs of each student.

The accompanying link leads to an example of a proforma to guide such a meeting.

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