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Bullying survey & policy

Bullying is the repeated misuse of power to intimidate or demean others. Conducting an anonymous survey supports student safety by identifying who bullies are and where and when bullying occurs.

It is important to interview students identified as being bullies, show them the survey results, and gauge their reactions.

The following link leads to an example of a bullying survey.

Some students do not realise they are perceived as a bully and are shocked by their status. Often, this is enough to change their behaviour.

Other students dislike being identified and are shamed into changing their behaviour. Others again need more assistance. Their parents need to be involved to plan a collaborative approach to change their behaviour.

Bullies are often also victims and may need support from a student counsellor or homeroom teacher before they feel more accepted in the student community.

A combination of support and sanctions with proven bullies is most effective, with the aim of gaining reconciliation between bullies and their victims.

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