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Teacher-led appraisal

Appraisal is all about

  • collaboratively defining a classroom culture, with its desired behaviours, symbols and systems

  • observing how well that culture is realised

  • facilitating self-reflection, including feedback

  • collaboratively identifying improvement goals

  • creating an action plan to achieve those goals

  • Supporting the implementation of the action plan

Because it is not reasonable to expect all teachers to undertake this process alone, some may wish to take a collaborative approach, pursuing their professional learning as a team. Others, especially inexperienced teachers, may appreciate using a coach to help them clarify and resource their targets.

The link below leads to a teacher-led appraisal process with supporting documents, including coaching models.

Effective behaviours

Dr. Marzano designed ten questions teachers should ask about their effectiveness. When these questions are matched against teaching standards, a matrix of effective behaviours emerges. Unfortunately, unsatisfactory performance also emerges from time to time and needs to be quickly addressed.

The following links lead to an example of the matrix, managing unsatisfactory behaviour, and a page about facilitated reflection for teachers to use as a prompt for self-reflection and improvement.

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