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Selecting & appointing

The three indicators of an applicant's suitability are

  1. their curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé

  2. their interview performance

  3. the quality of professional references.

Confidential references are the strongest indicator of the quality of past performance. Closed references are the most reliable.

After each interview, panel members make notes about the performance of each applicant and the following link leads to an example of a useful checklist.

After all interviews, the panel's preferred applicants are priority listed. The top applicant is contacted and a verbal employment offer made. If that applicant accepts, a written offer follows. If the applicant does not accept, the list is used until an acceptance is gained.

A report is written to the school's governing body on the selection process, signed by the panel members. If the governing body agrees that proper process was followed, it approves the appointment.

The following link leads to an example of a letter to unsuccessful applicants.

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