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Advertising & communicating

Advertising locally

Local advertisements need to be brief but clear. For a teaching position, the advertisements may read:

     Qualified teacher of English and History

     Sunnyhills High School

     Full-time permanent position

     For details, email

     Applications close end of business 21 April.

Advertising internationally

There are many agencies available to help with international hire and the following link leads to overviews of a selection.

Communicating with applicants

When an applicant contacts the school, provide a package of documents, including

  • a job description

  • the selection criteria

  • a list of documents to submit (CV, etc.)

  • the conditions of employment

  • a generic contract copy

  • the relevant salary scale.


Make it a requirement that applications include

  • contact details of 3 confidential professional referees

  • certified copies of formal academic qualifications

  • a police records check.

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